Lästips: The End of Business as Usual

19 October, 2011 Lästips

Brian Solis har just publicerat sin nya bok, The End of Business as Usual. Eftersom Brian Solis de senaste åren blivit lite utav en guru inom nya medier kan den vara intressant att ta del av.

Han säger själv i ett e-mail om sin bok: –“Business, government, music, finance, publishing, everything is changing. We have a unique role in all of this as we are stakeholders in not only defining the need for change, but we are also responsible for leading transformation within our organizations. We are the architects, the mediators, and the sherpas to a new era of relevance and empowerment. The end of Business as Usual explores the rise of the connected consumer, their effect on the bottom line, and how organizations can adapt to effectively compete for their attention, their business or contribution, and most importantly, their loyalty. The book examines how leading companies are finding success with connected customers. And, the lessons, case studies, and best practices contained within will help readers earn the support of organizational leaders by identifying growth opportunities and prioritizing where to invest time and resources. The result is creating an adaptive foundation for businesses to not only build relationships with connected customers, but improve customer AND employee relationships overall. As the subtitle states, we must rewire the way we work to succeed in what really is nothing short of a consumer revolution.”

Om du också är nyfiken så finns den redan att köpa på Adlibris.