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Join Elisabet Lagerstedt on an exploration beyond business as usual as she decodes Better Business, the evolution of conscious leadership as well as the emerging paradigm of Regenerative Business. Everything to help leaders get fit for the decade to come, and accelerate the co-creation of a better future.

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Business as usual isn’t operating at a level that respects the planetary boundaries. Fortunately many companies are already evolving beyond the 1970ies doctrine of Milton Friedman. Here, most of us have a lot to both unlearn and learn. Because the future always brings change.

A Better Business can be described as a future-ready company with a long-term perspective – guided and inspired by its higher purpose. This helps the organisation create, deliver and capture long-term value to its stakeholders. All while minimizing ecological and social costs, engaging its business ecosystem, and collaborating to change the world.

You as a business leader is crucial in this transformation. By providing purpose, direction and resources, you can contribute to meaning, transformation, growth – and even help enhancing the wellbeing of both people and planet, while future-proofing your business.

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The Better Business Acceleration Program™ is a year long journey of exploration starting with a six weeks online course based on Elisabet’s latest book Better Business Better Future. Upon completion, you become a Certified Better Business Acceleration Leader™, and are invited to an inspiring series of bi-monthly guest lectures with trailblazing leaders and companies together with a community of leaders sharing the same journey.

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In this webinar recording, Elisabet Lagerstedt will take you beyond business as usual, and share lessons from sustainability trailblazers: “We will decode Better Business, touch on the evolution of conscious leadership and the emerging paradigm of Regenerative Business. Everything to get fit for the decade to come, and accelerate the co-creation of a Better Future.”

The webinar was recorded on March 31, 2022 and arranged by Aluminary, who aims to connect alumni from top business schools globally. The session is moderated by Benjamin Kessler, former managing editor at INSEAD Knowledge.

"Like the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution promises to change everything. Yet, just as with digital, many companies are moving too slowly, taking an incremental approach to a challenge that demands a radical rethink."
- World Economic Forum

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Instead putting our heads in the sand, or seeing our potential contribution as limited, we need to realise that our zone of influence as corporate business leaders can be much larger than we tend to think. This is because the world of corporate business is particularly well equipped to help solve the problems of the world through the ingenuity, creativity, collaboration and resources that it can so often call forth more effectively and efficiently than other human organizations.

We, as corporate business leaders, can go far beyond demonstrating in the streets. We can actually move capital, minds and action, and cooperate to nudge consumers into making choices that co-create the healthy future that we want and need for our business, humanity and the generations to come—our own children and grandchildren included.

Below, please find resources to help you accelerate this important shift starting today.

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