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Times are changing. Join Elisabet Lagerstedt on an exploration beyond business as usual as she decodes Better Business, long-termism, the Sustainability Revolution, the evolution of conscious leadership, the keys to meaningful innovation and impact business models, as well as the emerging paradigm of Regenerative Business. Everything to help leaders build Better Business and co-create a better future.

The book Better Business Better Future (2022) helps business leaders understand the Sustainability Revolution and decodes the good practices of purpose-led sustainability trailblazers. From Patagonia and Interface, to Ørsted, Unilever, IKEA, Oatly, and more.
“I liked most about the book, that it spreads hope. It shares a vision about how Better Business can contribute to a Better Future. We, leaders, are not passive victims waiting for slow policies to save the world…” -Dr. Michael Kolk

This short clip is from a longer dialogue with Vincent Stanley, the Director of Philosophy at Patagonia (January 12, 2023), as part of the Better Business Acceleration Program™. You can read more about Patagonia’s journey here >>

The Better Business Acceleration Program™ will help you move beyond business as usual and step up to the greatest industrial transformation of our times – the Sustainability Revolution.

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This journey starts with you!

As business leaders, we can go far beyond demonstrating in the streets. We can move capital, minds and action, and cooperate to nudge consumers into making choices that co-create the healthy future that we want and need for our business, humanity and the generations to come—our own children and grandchildren included.

Below, find resources to help you accelerate this important shift starting today.

Learn more, and accelerate your own work in building a Better Business and a Better Future, in the book by Elisabet Lagerstedt.
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This unique online program helps you as a business leader to navigate the why and the how of the Sustainability Revolution.
"Like the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution promises to change everything. Yet, just as with digital, many companies are moving too slowly, taking an incremental approach to a challenge that demands a radical rethink." -World Economic Forum
"Good business is simply good for business and seriously needed in co-creating solutions to the worlds wicked problems." -Elisabet Lagerstedt
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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