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Join Elisabet Lagerstedt on an exploration beyond business as usual as she decodes Better Business, the evolution of conscious leadership as well as the emerging paradigm of Regenerative Business. Everything to help leaders build Better Business and co-create a better future.

Be inspired by Patagonia's purpose-led journey

This short clip is from a longer dialogue with Vincent Stanley, the Director of Philosophy at Patagonia (January 12, 2023), as part of the Better Business Acceleration Program™.

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The book Better Business Better Future by Elisabet Lagerstedt (2022) will help you understand the sustainability revolution and decode the good practices of purpose-led sustainability trailblazers, such as Patagonia, Interface, Ørsted, Unilever, IKEA, and Oatly. It’s a great read for entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, board members, and strategists aiming to integrate sustainability into the very core of their business, and accelerate the transformation to a Better Future.

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There is a better way, beyond business as usual! This unique online program helps you as a business leader to navigate the why and the how of the Sustainability Revolution. Everything to accelerate the transformation towards Better Business here and now, and co-creating a better future.

The Better Business Acceleration Program™ offers a unique experience in four parts:

  1. A six weeks guided online program hosted by Elisabet Lagerstedt, the author of Better Business Better Future (2022).
  2. 12 months access to the learning platform and knowledge base for further deep dive in a rich amount of relevant resources in your own time.
  3. Invitations to six bi-monthly guest lectures with trailblazing leaders and organizations, followed by experience exchange with peers over the course of 12 months.
  4. An invitation to a community of current and future business leaders. All aiming at co-creating Better Business and a Better Future.

Already upon completion of the six online modules you become a Certified Better Business Acceleration Leader™.

You can join this program at any time. New participants are admitted on a rolling basis.

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"Like the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution promises to change everything. Yet, just as with digital, many companies are moving too slowly, taking an incremental approach to a challenge that demands a radical rethink."
- World Economic Forum

This journey starts with you!


As business leaders, we can go far beyond demonstrating in the streets. We can move capital, minds and action, and cooperate to nudge consumers into making choices that co-create the healthy future that we want and need for our business, humanity and the generations to come—our own children and grandchildren included.

Below, find resources to help you accelerate this important shift starting today.

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Learn more, and accelerate your own work in building a Better Business and a Better Future, in the book by Elisabet Lagerstedt.

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This unique online program helps you as a business leader to navigate the why and the how of the Sustainability Revolution.

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