The future of energy workshop at Royal Society in London

I felt truly humbled to be able to contribute as a speaker and group facilitator with a customer and end-user perspective in a future of energy workshop at Royal Society in London a few weeks back now.

Electricity has given us the freedom to use power when we need it. It enables us to live a modern life in the comfort of our homes, with all the electric appliances that we have grown used to. From light, to coffee machine, stove, refrigerator, TV’s, iPhones, computers and more.

But electricity has to be generated from a source. Also, at every moment we must generate the same amount of electricity as we consume, because electricity is difficult to store. Today, most of our electricity is still generated from non renewable sources, such as fossil fuels and nuclear, which is a huge challenge in relation to the CO2 emissions on our planet. Hence, saving energy and finding new ways to generate and store electricity is part of a global quest.

The workshop in London focused on the UK market in particular, where the old electricity utility providers are looking to identify new business models and opportunities as the industry struggle to renew itself in a situation where new providers and distributed energy models are already entering the market, and where the need for renewable energy is bigger than ever before.

Thanks to Mark, Steven and the team for the invite. After this experience, very few things actually feel complex at all….