Crash Course in Design Thinking

As part of my mission to inspire organizations to embrace an outside-in approach to business, we just finished a crash course in Design Thinking with a selected group of managers. During an intense afternoon the group was introduced both in theory and in practice to Design Thinking – a holistic, creative, empathetic and solution oriented approach to problem solving.

Though an afternoon is too short to become an expert in Design Thinking, the participants were given time to understand the purpose and benefits as well as to try the method, working together using a model from d:school at Stanford University. Through the feedback given, we believe the participants left with new insights and inspiration to work in both a more structured and creative way with problem solving:

”To create solutions in the way we did, makes you remember the day as well as the method.”
-Marketing Director 

“A clear process to “hang” the journey to.”
-Director of HR & CSR 

“Thank you for a professional arrangement – again!”
-Marketing Manager

However, without open-minded participation and involvement from all in the group this would not have been the same exciting and fun afternoon. So we extend a warm “Thank you” to all of you who engaged in the crash course!

About the author

Elisabet Lagerstedt

Elisabet Lagerstedt

Elisabet Lagerstedt is the founder and director of Future Navigators. As a trusted advisor, consultant, and Executive Coach, she helps business leaders navigate beyond business as usual to build Better Business and co-create a better future - through insight, strategy, innovation, and transformation. Elisabet is also the author of Better Business, Better Future (2022) and Navigera in i Framtiden (2018).