Explore Conscious Leadership

As a business leader you are crucial in the transformation towards Better Business and a Better Future. By providing purpose, direction and resources, you can contribute to meaning, transformation, growth – and even help enhancing the wellbeing of both people and planet, while future-proofing your business.

Traditionally, consciousness development often happens as a result of crisis, or long-term meditation and spiritual practices. There are however also other methods to explore and pursue this path forward. Vertical Leadership Development is one of them.

Due to the increasing demands on leaders in a VUCA world, Vertical Leadership Development is becoming increasingly embraced in the world of business. This has been highlighted in several publications, such as Forbes, to the Journal of Values Based Leadership, the Journal of Leadership Education, to Integral Review, and, of course Harvard Business Review.

Why? Because Vertical Leadership Development – which in its essence is about an evolution of consciousness – is also an important key to help open-minded and forward-thinking leaders elevate their perspectives, increase their positive impact, and move beyond business as usual. Ultimately to build a better business and a better future.

This is vital, because good business is simply good for business, and seriously needed in solving the world’s wicked problems. To many, a well kept secret is that this really starts with your own inner development.




Leaders on a higher level of vertical development have been proven to be considerably more successful in orchestrating organization-wide and systemic transformations, as well as coping with a VUCA world.

The vertical development journey can simply be described as an evolution from a conventional to a post-conventional mindset. With a post-conventional mindset you are able to hold many points of view; you are open to alternative perspectives; you see the whole system; you can anticipate change; and you can operate in conditions of ambiguity. And more.

Vertical Leadership Development is different to the more traditional horizontal leadership development that dominate the leadership development scene and narrative. Horizontal leadership development – the more traditional approach – is characterized by skill building and adding competences, and on doing what we are already doing even better. Vertical Leadership Development is rather a personal evolutionary journey connecting mind and heart, resolving shadows and triggers, growing mindset agility, and growing the capacity to lead in a dynamic, complex and uncertain world.