Value Creation workshop delivered

We just delivered a value creation workshop – from an Outside-In perspective – to an international team of high potentials with a client. The workshop focused on the importance of customer understanding when designing attractive offerings as well as successful business models.

The importance of the customer and customer understanding may sound quite natural, but still far to many companies are stuck in an inside-out perspective based on what their factories and organizations can easily and effectively produce, rather than truly solving the jobs-to-be-done by their potential customers and end-users.

In this workshop we applied the Value Proposition Canvas to a chosen customer segment, and then played with different stakeholders or personas relevant for the segment and their specific jobs-to-be-done. The key insight in the team was very clear: different personas have different jobs-to-be done and problems to solve. An the consequence of that also became very clear: if different personas have different jobs-to-be-done, then that needs to be taken that into consideration when we design new products and services, as well as value propositions.

That’s what a short workshop with an Outside-In perspective can do. It can create important insights and change your perspective.