New training opportunity: Designing for Growth

Human Centered Design, Service Design and Design Thinking are all similar approaches to product, service and business innovation that have grown in popularity over the past years. In short they can be described as holistic, inclusive, co-creative, problem solving and simplifying methods to design relevant solutions based on user driven needs. The wide spread interest probably got a push in the right direction when Harvard Business Review published an article on Design Thinking by Tim Brown, founder of IDEO, back in 2008. Since then the approach has been developed further by several parties.

Also, it is no longer about just new products, but about new services, whole customer interaction processes, creating new business models and even strategies. Jeanne Liedtka, professor at Darden School of Business Administration, has together with Tim Ogilvie, CEO of Peer Insight, even developed an approach to successfully solve general business problems with Design Thinking.

Designing for Growth

You can expect to come out of this two day inspirational crash course with a fresh mindset as well as with a valuable toolbox and approach to solve business problems and grow your business, from a design thinking perspective. On the way, you and your team will have lots of fun while learning together. The training will help you understand the tools of Design Thinking, and how to apply them to solve business problems and design for growth. Inspired  by Acumen,, D:School at Stanford University and Darden we share best practices, models and approaches, while you and your team work creatively and hands on with real life cases from your own business.

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