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Elisabet Lagerstedt helps leaders, teams and organizations navigate uncertainty, and move from where they are today towards their envisioned future.

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Top Remote Working Software Tools to Innovate & Collaborate

18 March, 2020 Trends ,

Working remotely is almost a must today. Considering the current situation, I’m sharing an article (in full) with some of the top remote working software…

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Why strategy is not dead

4 March, 2019 Strategy

Strategy is no longer necessary, according to some – but without it, business would not utilize our full human potential. A few years back,…

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How to create clarity in 15 minutes

21 January, 2019 Mental clarity , ,

Many of our clients just have too much going on. Ultimately, this overwhelms the mind, makes thinking cluttered, and creates difficulties in prioritization.

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"To navigate into the future means continuously adapting to the external environment. And proactively co-creating it."
Elisabet Lagerstedt

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