Elisabet Lagerstedt is the founder and director of Future Navigators, and the author of two books. She helps business leaders go beyond business as usual, to accelerate Better Business, and co-create a better future.

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Strategy Facilitation

Elisabet facilitates foresight, insight, purpose, vision, strategy, innovation, and transformation for the co-creation of Better Business.

Leadership Development

Elisabet helps leaders expand their impact within and beyond their organization through training and Executive Coaching.

Writing and Speaking

Elisabet writes and speaks about a thriving future, strategy, innovation, leadership, and the co-creation of Better Business.

On a mission to accelerate Better Business and a better future

Hi! I’m glad you found your way here. I’m Elisabet Lagerstedt, the founder and director of Future Navigators and the author of two books. I am based in Höllviken by the sea in southern Sweden.

Like you, I’m many things and find defining myself increasingly difficult. Here, I still want to give you some hints about my professional background and path.

For over a decade, I have guided entrepreneurs and strategic leaders into the future. Everything focused on the business leader as an essential force for positive change and transformation towards Better Business and a Better Future.

After a 20-year corporate career as a business leader and executive in well-known and responsible international companies, I started my boutique consultancy in 2013.

This major shift allowed me to have a valuable business impact while balancing life. It also allowed me time to focus on co-creating better futures for coming generations.

Since then, I have spent 60 percent of my work time on strategic, innovative, and transformational client projects and 40 percent of my time on future exploration, learning, teaching, and writing, as well as supporting young entrepreneurs and change-makers at Lund University’s Master’s Program of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Academically, I hold a Master of Social Sciences from Lund University School of Economics and Management. I have also invested considerable time and resources into executive education programs from some of the world’s top business schools, such as Harvard Business School, IMD Business School, Oxford Saïd Business School, INSEAD – and Singularity University.

In parallel, I have deep-dived into the wisdom traditions, adult development, and Vertical Leadership Development. I have explored TheoryU, Integral Theory, systems thinking, complexity theory, and other transformational theories and practices. I hold an InnerMBA from New York University’s MindfulNYU and SoundsTrue. I’m also a certified StageSHIFT Coach and a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching.

Not surprisingly, my toolbox has come to integrate several fields today and goes far beyond business as usual.

In all of this, writing has become a way of creating clarity, structuring, and sharing my thoughts. My blog saw its first light in 2010 and has been followed by two books, Navigera in i Framtiden (2o18, in Swedish) and Better Business Better Future (2022). A few ideas for the next book are already cooking.

Please reach out if you are curious about my work and would like to explore how I can help!