Elisabet Lagerstedt is the founder and director of Future Navigators. She is also the author of two books. She helps leaders go beyond business as usual, to accelerate Better Business, and the co-creation of a Better Future.


And welcome to this author website and blog! I’m truly happy that you have found your way here.

My mission is inspiring business leaders to move beyond business as usual to build Better Business and a Better Future.

Why, you may wonder…

I was early on in my career responsible for one of Sweden’s first and leading sustainability brands, which opened my eyes to an avenue beyond business as usual already in the late 1990ies. At that time I was in my late 20ies and early 30ies, and still did not have the experience and tool box that I have available today. About ten years ago, in asking questions like “How can I make a more meaningful difference”, it was however absolutely clear to me that I needed to step up my game, better contribute to co-creating the future that I believe we all want for our children and coming generations, and ultimately share what I learn on the way to inspire and empower other business leaders to step up too.

Today, I bring 25+ years of business experience – of which 15 years on management team level in responsible companies across several industries, categories and geographies – such as Unilever, Hilti Group, GfK and Thule Group.

As an Executive Advisor, Consultant and Coach I have guided several entrepreneurs in promising start ups (e.g. PowUnity); senior executives in exponentially growing scale ups (e.g. Oatly); CEOs, management teams, and board of directors (e.g. Duni Group, AkkaFrakt); and, division leaders, and other senior business leaders in large corporations with a focus on insight strategy, innovation, growth and renewal (e.g. Meko, IKEA and EON) with a focus on both leadership development, and business transformation.

I have also been a pro bono mentor and guest lecturer for master students in entrepreneurship and innovation for 10+ years at Lund University. In parallel, exploring early stage investment opportunities in impact start-ups.

Academically, I hold a Masters of Social Sciences from Lund University School of Economics and Management, an Inner MBA from New York University’s MindfulNYU, and executive education from some of the world’s top business schools – Harvard Business School, IMD Business School, Oxford Saïd Business School, INSEAD – and Singularity University.

I am a certified Board Director and StageSHIFT Coach – with a deep interest in strategic insight as a vehicle for vertical leadership development in an organizational and ecosystemic context as the key to a better future. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and an affiliate Executive Coach at IMD Business School. I’m also a student of the wisdom traditions and a meditation practitioner.

With a strong commercial and strategic business background, my tool box and interests today spans across fields as futuring, megatrends, purpose, visioning, purpose, strategy, strategic thinking, systems thinking, sustainability and regeneration, design thinking, service design, methods for co-creation, strategic communications, organizational development and evolution, adult development and transformational coaching – with businesses and business leaders as important forces for positive change and transformation.

By the way, I love writing! Writing helps me structure my thoughts and learn new things. It also enables me to share my thinking, which in turn has led to amazing dialogues, and even more learning and sharing. I blog since 2010 and was a guest writer at INSEAD Knowledge 2014-2016. I’m also the author of two books: “Navigera in i Framtiden” (2018) and “Better Business Better Future” (2022).

As you may have guessed by now, I simply love what I do, and hope that some of that positive energy will help inspire you on your journey forward.

You can find more about me, and connect, on LinkedIn >>

Again, thanks for visiting the website, and welcome back!



Work with Elisabet

Author, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Elisabet writes and speaks about future trends, strategy, innovation, leadership, and the co-creation of Better Business. and a Better Future.

Executive Advisor & Consultant

Elisabet facilitates insight, purpose, vision, strategy and new business models, integrating purpose and sustainability into the core.

Vertical Leadership Development

Elisabet helps leaders expand their impact within and beyond their organization through training and Executive Coaching.

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