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After two years of working on my latest book, Better Business Better Future (January, 2022), I’ve now spent another 6 months in transforming the book into the Better Business Acceleration Program together with Niklas Hofvander at Story Lab.

As I’m writing this, COP27 has just closed without the results that we hoped to see. In parallel we have just recorded the last lessons of the program – aiming to help businesses accelerate the shift towards Better Business, and co-creating a better future.

Also, the first pilot cohort of 40+ business leaders and entrepreneurs have just started the third of six weekly modules of the program.

It’s indeed been a lot of work, but based on the comments on the learning platform, it’s all been worth it! And it’s been a lot of fun too, in spite of the severity of the challenge – for our planet and humanity. Something that makes this even more pertinent, and urgent.

The program journey

The Better Business Acceleration Program is designed to accelerate the journey beyond business as usual, to help business leaders surf the waves of the Sustainability Revolution, and build a Better Business and a better future.

Why? Well. Like the digital revolution before it, the Sustainability Revolution promises to change everything. Yet, just as with digital, many companies are moving too slowly, taking an incremental approach to a challenge that demands a radical rethink.

Frankly, there is no time to waste. The Sustainability Revolution is in fact already changing the very fabric of society, and the future of business.



What you will bring with you from the program?

  • You will understand the Sustainability Revolution, and what is unfolding beyond business as usual.
  • You will realize the vast potential for business in stepping up to the challenge, and why laggards in the long run will lose both relevance and attractiveness to their customers and ecosystems.
  • You will get valuable insights into the leading practices of businesses in the frontlines of the Sustainability Revolution – such as Patagonia, Interface, Unilever, IKEA, Orsted, and Oatly.
  • You will have benchmarked your own business towards the Sustainability Trailblazers; envisioned the desired future state of your business; sketched out your path ahead, and realized how you as a business leader is critical in this important transformation.
  • You will have built a solid base to confidently lead and accelerate this journey going forward.

Upon program completion you become a Certified Better Business Acceleration Leader™. You are also invited to a year long journey of bi-monthly guest lectures with trailblazing leaders and companies, and rewarding experience exchange with a community of likeminded leaders. All exploring how to move beyond business as usual, to build Better Business and co-create a better future.

Who should join?

This program is designed for business leaders who wish to explore and realize the potential of the Sustainability Revolution; help accelerate and nurture the transformation of their companies; and confidently navigate and accelerate their own journeys. All aiming at building Better Business and a Better Future.

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I would personally love to see you join this important quest!




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