Learning is lifelong!

Every year over the past decade I have challenged myself with executive education from leading global business schools, including Harvard, Oxford, IMD, INSEAD, and SingularityU – and even a few boot camps with interesting players such as Strategyzer. I have to admit that I have truly enjoyed studying for these world-class faculties. And I have learned much. Something that has helped me be at the forefront of what I do, and to deliver great value to clients while bridging today and tomorrow.

This time I’m trying something slightly different: the Inner MBA – a cooperation between MindfulNYU at New York University, LinkedIn, SoundsTrue, and Wisdom 2.0. This nine-month online immersion into personal growth and conscious business aims at growing yourself as a human being, as well as growing your company. It is delivered through a unique curriculum and faculty, such as:

▪️ Rose Marcario, former CEO of Patagonia
▪️ Eileen Fisher, Co-CEO of Eileen Fisher, Inc (disrupting the fashion industry for good!)
▪️ Karen May, Vice President of People Development at Google
▪️ Scott Shute, LinkedIn (bringing compassion into the workplace)
▪️ Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Meditation Teacher (pioneer of Buddhism in the West)
▪️ Amishi Jha, PhD, Neuroscientist, Associate Professor of Psychology
▪️ Otto Scharmer, author of Theory U, and co-author of the newly released Leading from the Emerging Future
▪️ Daniel Goleman, author of Focus and Emotional Intelligence

Here a video introducing the program.

I’m personally hoping to gain a lot of inspiration, new perspectives, and a rich network of conscious business leaders from across the globe.

Learning is indeed lifelong. And Better Business needs more conscious leadership from us all.