Exponential Innovation at Singularity University in Silicon Valley

The world is experiencing accelerating change, which has made us even more convinced in our belief in lifelong learning. Knowledge is getting outdated faster than ever before.

How do we get time to do this in our busy lives? Well, sometimes we just need to take time out. Timeout to sharpen the ax before we get back into the game again, at an even higher level.

I personally dedicate time to learn ongoingly – through reading, writing, and networking. A few times per year I also participate in interesting conferences and different types of executive programs. This time I chose to go to Silicon Valley to participate in my second executive program at Singularity University: the Exponential Innovation Program.

Singularity University is orignally a think tank founded by the futurists Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis in 2008. Today it focuses on how to help leaders across the globe understand the opportunities with exponential technologies – such as AI, robotics, nanotech, biotech, networks, bioinformatics, AR/VR – and how they can be used to address large-scale issues and create companies, products, and services to address one or more of the global grand challenges. Read more about Singularity University here. 

How do you stay up to date and in the forefront? Let us know if you want some inspiration.