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Without reflection, no learning happens. A lot of our own personal learning today happens online in parallel to our everyday commitment to support executives and their teams in building a better future through innovation, growth, and renewal. Maybe that’s why we sometimes still truly enjoy a really good seminar or conference, where people come together and share experiences and where you can learn from the best.

Consequently, we chose to spend two days last week in the small city of Odense in Denmark. There, in the middle of Denmark, two hours away from any international airport, the Thinkers50 crew for the first time has pulled together a great line up of international business thinkers and leaders. The aspiration is high as they over time aim to create the Davos of business thinking.

The Thinkers50 European Business Forum will continue to gather the world’s top business thinkers and CEO’s, and key managers of European businesses for annual two-day business forums focusing on innovation and growth. In focus is:

  • A bold new agenda for European business, from new technology to social progress
  • Making sense of the new order, migration and populism, robots and humanity
  • The best new approaches to strategy, innovation, projects, and leadership
  • Broad, provocative, interactive, collaborative, and inspiring connection

On the scene – this very first year of the Forum – was the World’s #1 business leader, former CEO of Novo Nordisk (Lars Rebien Sorensen); the World’s #1 leadership coach (Marshall Goldsmith); the World’s #1 business thinker, Harvard Business School professor of strategy (Michael Porter); a world leading expert on growth (Rita Gunther McGrath) and many other high quality speakers and thinkers – from Erin Meyer, Mark Esposito and – and then with Peter Fisk as conference leader.

Best of all? We got to connect with some great minds and people and it was two days very well spent. We’ll be back next time.

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Elisabet Lagerstedt

Elisabet Lagerstedt

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